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    Securing of Property / Risk Assessment
Securing of Property | Risk Assessment of Property and Premises

Numerous examinations of property and premises (residential, business and industrial) as well as motor vehicles in connection with criminal activity provide an ideal basis for preventive work.

If so requested by the client by the client, an injured party or insurer, extensive advice concerning security arrangements can be given during the course of a property examination.
This could involve a detailed analysis of individual security measures at potential points of access, and proposals backed up by relevant documents are presented for adoption. Consultations may include proposals for securing individual parts of a property or, indeed, the entire premises.

For motor vehicles, we offer suggestions for general security as well as special arrangements for additional security, when, for example, vehicles are used to transport valuables or high-value cargo. Such a consultation would concentrate upon identifying any weaknesses and the preparation of a comprehensive catalogue of recommended measures, together with detailed information about their implementation to provide the best possible security installation. If necessary, we can arrange for specialist partner companies to carry out this work.

There is no additional cost involved in this assessment when carried out as part of the examination of property or vehicles. A functionality and effectiveness check after installation is, of course, included in the consultation, to assure the highest possible degree of security.

In addition, security measures can be discussed and plans drawn up with our associated specialist for electronic alarm systems, K.D. Okorn. Security measures are employed on the following basis:

First, mechanical components are strengthened to counteract, or at least make more difficult, a possible attack with tools (time-&-effort principle). An electronic alarm system tailor-made to suit the premises and installed in accordance with VdS guidelines, can supply an additional measure of security.

Upgradeable window lock   Mushroom head bolt on a window   Mushroom cam   Striker, quintuple lock  
Upgradeable window lock   Mushroom head bolt on a window   Mushroom cam   Striker, quintuple lock  
Striker, quintuple lock   Safety upgrades          
Striker, quintuple lock   Safety upgrades          

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