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    Specialist Articles
Collection of Specialist Articles

We regularly publish articles about specialist subjects and interesting facts appertaining to our professional field. All articles (in German) are available here as downloads.



46. Infobrief 2015
45. Infobrief 2013/2014
44. Infobrief 2012
43. Newsletter 2011/2012
42. Scence Science
41. Newsletter June 2011
40. Key-Seminar 24./25.06.2011 Kalkar
39. Newsletter 2009/2010
38. How vehicle thieves operate
37. Program of the Second Information and Expert Discussion Day in Mayen
36. Invitation to the Second Information and Expert Discussion Day in Mayen
35. Newsletter 2008
34. Newsletter 2007
33. How to choose the right expert
32. Forensic examination at the scene of a fire
31. Newsletter 2006
30. Newsletter 2005
29. Newsletter 2004
28. Forcing doors and windows: types of evidence and methods of detection
27. “Bumping” – a threat to the insurance industry?
26. Vehicle theft despite immobilizer: burglary or insurance fraud?
25. Newsletter 2003
24. Absence of additional insurances release insurers from liability
23. Products introduced at hardware trade fair cause problems for insurers
22. Transponders and security technology – a critical analysis
21. Forcing a window without leaving visible traces
20. Newsletter November 2002
19. Security breach with new “electronic blocking device” for E-locking cylinders
18. Manipulations, break-ins and other “dubious cases”
17. Newsletter November 2001
16. Proof of attempted fraud on vehicles with electronic immobilizers
15 .Newsletter October 2000
14. Obtaining proof by exclusion
13. Fraud and no end in sight
12 .Investigation of evidence of forced entry after a fire
11. Newsletter October 1999
10. Loss of keys: claims settlement
09. Arsonist – the insured?
08. Newsletter November 1998
07. All about the spare key
06. Is there a new wave of vehicle theft?
05. Forensic examination of premises after a fire or break-in
04. Forensic examination with a scanning electron microscope
03. Newsletter November 1997
02. Risk assessment: loss prevention and minimization
01. All about wear and tear


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